About Aura Glitch

During the 2021 pandemic, when the world was engulfed in shadows, a revolutionary force emerged with a singular mission—to illuminate the XR metaverse with unparalleled accessibility. In its nascent stages, this entity defied expectations, casting a spellbinding glitch upon the world. Witness Augmented Reality NFT Art shows in Pershing Square, downtown Los Angeles, or encounter mesmerizing glitched patterns on avant-garde clothing. Marvel at a mural adorning the Herondo Wall, marking the boundary of Hermosa and Redondo Beach. Aura, the harbinger of change, is here to orchestrate opportunities, allowing every being to immerse themselves in a tapestry of new perspectives. It's a beacon of hope, love, and healing, casting its radiant influence across the universe. Join Aura in transcending boundaries and embracing a world transformed.
Aura Glitch' Self Portrait