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Aglitch Physical Art

1st Date

1st Date

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In the significant year of 2020, a heartwarming event unfolded in my life when I first crossed paths with the individual who was then my girlfriend and has since become my cherished spouse. The encounter that would change the trajectory of my life took place at an idyllic location: Palmilla, an exquisite gastronomic destination nestled amidst the serene landscape of Hermosa Beach.

As we journeyed through our relationship, I found myself drawn towards another creative pursuit. Simultaneously, during that memorable period, another interest was beginning to gnaw at me – a desire to express my artistic inclinations on a larger canvas. Specifically, I had been contemplating how I might lend my creative contributions to the intriguingly adorned walls of Herondo Street that seemed to call out for more. This street, ripe with potential, held great promise for aspiring artists like myself.

Fast-forward to the tail-end of 2022, a series of fortunate events led to my introduction to a certain Eddie Donaldson. Eddie, a prominent figure in the art scene, served as the bridge that connected me to a talented individual named Rafa. In addition to making this introduction, Eddie opened up a world of possibilities for me in the realm of public art.

This newfound connection paved the way for my involvement with Indivisible Arts - an organization known for its dedication to fostering local talent and transforming urban landscapes through art. My association with this esteemed collective marked a new chapter in my artistic journey. It was under their supportive umbrella that I undertook a challenging yet rewarding project; my first mural came into existence in October 2022.

This mural, a tangible testament to weeks of hard work and productive collaboration with Indivisible Arts, continues to stand proudly, offering up its vivid hues and intricate details to all passersby. A colorful reminder of my passion for art and the big leaps I have taken in my quest to bring it to a public platform.
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