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I took a picture, edited it with glitch art software, and turned it into a black-and-white drawing.

In the cold winter of 2018, I went on an unforgettable skateboard ride. As a passionate longboarder, this was not just another trip. It started in the busy Downtown Los Angeles and finished at the sunny beaches of Santa Monica. The route was filled with palm trees, tall buildings, and city life.

There is one special moment from that trip that I remember well. While riding through downtown LA, I took a picture of my journey. The photo shows the towers near the famous Staples Center. They were high up against the clear blue winter sky. Even though they were not finished, they looked like giant steel frames reaching for the sky.

It is interesting to see the connection between my trip on the longboard and the growth of the city around me. Like me, moving forward one push at a time, the towers were also slowly getting taller each day. This picture caught not only a moment of my trip but also a glimpse of the city's ongoing change and growth.

Looking back now, the situation seems ironic. The once-popular Staples Center, named after a well-known office supply company, is now called the arena. This name change shows the big shift in our money and digital world, changing history along with the building itself.

And what about those towers? The tall structures that were still being built during my winter trip? Now they are fully built and stand proudly against the LA skyline. They have found their place among the many other skyscrapers that make up the cityscape.

A lot has changed since that memorable skateboard trip. But one thing stays the same - the memory of that journey captured in one digital image. A glitched illustration that keeps a moment in the growth of one of the most famous cities in the world, just as it records my journey across its wide area.
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