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Lubeck Mercantile Co.



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My love for abstract art, and elementary shapes that form complex designs, inspired these hoodies. Each carries dynamic patterns and carefully chosen colors to enhance their appeal. However, they're not just clothing but embody my passion for design.

While the hoodies were well-received, I sought simplicity. I aimed to distill these complex visuals down to their simplest elements, exploring what makes them engaging.

I deconstructed the intricate patterns on the hoodies, focusing solely on the basic shapes and colors, aiming to reveal the beauty beneath the complexity. It wasn't just about simplification, but showcasing the elegance of simplicity.

In this process, every detail mattered. I scrutinized the rudimentary shapes and color blends that bring each design alive. What started as an elaborate mix of lines and curves was stripped down to its barest elements.

This exploration was akin to peeling an onion, revealing more about my artistry and creativity. It was more than a project; it was a deep dive into my artistic ethos.

Ultimately, this focus on elementary shapes and colors deepened my understanding and appreciation of my work. The exercise illuminated the beauty of simplicity and the strength of fundamental shapes and colors, providing valuable insights for future projects.
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