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The photograph in question holds a special place in my heart as it was among the first pieces upon which I implemented the creative technique of glitch art. Glitch art, for those unfamiliar, is a form of visual digital manipulation that uses techniques designed to mimic software or hardware glitches and transform them into novel artistic expressions. The transformation of this particular photo marked a fresh era in my exploration of this distinct art form.

This image captures a moment from a summer day spent at La Jolla Beach, known for its stunning beauty and serene ambiance. Situated at the north end of Malibu, California, La Jolla Beach is a beloved location offering spectacular views of the ocean's vast entrance to its visitors. The breathtaking viewpoint served as the perfect backdrop for our family photo, complementing our joyous spirits.

Unfortunately, due to the application of glitch art on the image, the individual figures aren't extraordinarily noticeable at first glance. It takes a keen eye or a piece of inside information to identify everyone in the picture, making it rather intriguing and somewhat mysterious.

Pictured from left to right in the photo are notable individuals in my life - my Mom, myself, Cristine, and my brother. Each person plays a significant role in shaping who I am, making their inclusion in this photograph all the more meaningful. My mother, always a pillar of strength, features prominently. Standing beside her, captured next in the frame, is me - experimenting with photography and exploring new avenues in the field of art. Following me in the snapshot is Cristine, a bright soul whose presence adds immense value to my life. Lastly, filling up the rightmost spot in the photo, we can see my brother - my partner in crime from the days of youth.
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