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Lubeck Mercantile Co.



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From the very moment in my childhood when I was growing up amidst the heart of Central California, there began an unwavering development and strengthening of a profound passion within me, a passion centered around letters, the beautifully mathematical concept of symmetry, the intricate realms of typography, as well as the colorful and rebellious culture of graffiti. The vivacious graphics that adorned the sides of trains rolling by, and the extravagant drawings that painted the canvases of building walls, all left what would be a lasting impression on the depths of my psyche.

It was not long before it became unambiguously clear to me, with its clarity shining brighter each day like the rising sun, that art - in its various forms and manifestations - was going to be a fundamental cornerstone, an inseparable part of the journey of my life. Thus, my path was set, and my course laid out ahead into the world of art and design.

 A considerable change took place in the progress of my journey when my family migrated to the sunny city of Temecula, also located within the borders of California. This shift in location turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me as it unfolded in front of me an opportunity to delve deeper and explore the fascinating field of graphic design.

This was made possible through the exceptional Regional Occupation Program at none other than the highly reputed Temecula Valley High School. Enrolling in this program meant walking through open doors leading toward the vast expanse of graphic and web design. It was here that I was able to immerse myself completely in the endless ocean of this world, bringing my unique, innovative ideas to life under the guidance of experienced mentors.

With the progression of time came another milestone in my story. After the completion of my high school education, I took a big step forward and joined the esteemed ranks of the United States Air Force. While being stationed in the picturesque city of Anchorage, which is nestled amidst the wilderness of Alaska, I found myself creating graphic collateral and websites during any spare moments that would present themselves to me.

This side project became a creative outlet for my passion. Working with local bands and businesses, I poured my heart into helping them establish their digital presence. This experience allowed me to continue to grow and explore my passion for design even while serving in a completely different capacity through the Air Force. By doing so, I was able to combine my dedication to service with my love for creativity, making each day a beautifully unique blend of my two passions.

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