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Lubeck Mercantile Co.



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The year 2019 marked a significant turning point in my life. Presented with an exciting opportunity, I chose to relocate and took up a new position at a prominent robotics company situated in Redondo Beach. This location change not only represented a shift in my career but also triggered a transformative journey of personal and artistic discovery.

Once settled in Redondo Beach, I had ample time to explore the local cityscape. It was during one such exploration that I stumbled upon the captivating splashes of color adorning Herondo Street – beautiful murals stretching along its length that inspired me. These works of art prompted me to dive deeper into the realm of aesthetics and ultimately led me to uncover a novel form of abstract art called Abstract Motion.

The concept of Abstract Motion revolves around illustrating doodles in a three-dimensional perspective. Essentially, this style of art requires the artist to release limitations and allow their creativity to flow unrestricted across multiple dimensions. Having always been someone spontaneous and playful with my art, I found myself drawn irresistibly to this newfound genre, thus deciding to experiment with it.

As I began to delve deeper into this unique dimension of artistry, another intriguing form of artistic expression caught my eye - glitch art. Simultaneously, I found myself getting acquainted with an interesting digital world called the Metaverse. The idea of harnessing technology to manipulate art, creating something unique yet flawed like a glitch in the system, fascinated me. This fascination eventually led me to venture toward adding another style to my ever-evolving repertoire as an artist.

The desire for innovation and the need to challenge my traditional ways of creating art birthed what I'd later call Aura Glitch. The basic premise of Aura Glitch centered on the belief that we, as individuals, are glitches ourselves, navigating through the perfect code of life with our exclusive quirks and anomalies.

To materialize the Aura Glitch concept, I decided to take old artwork and photography, pieces that had once been a testament to my past creativity, and run them through glitching software. The resultant images were unique, imbued with an unexpected charm. New patterns emerged, artwork evolved, and I found myself pushing the boundaries of optical illusion.

In essence, this journey of relocation led to an evolution in my understanding and approach toward art. By combining innovative technology with traditional aesthetics, I could create something entirely new and exciting, thereby challenging not only my perception but also the boundaries of conventional art forms.
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